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naish hover at jay sails

Naish Hover Windsurf and crossover model

Naish Hover

It really is a big buzz and the Naish Hover models are the most talked about, WINDFOILS AND SUP FOILS.

I think everyone is looking for a easy foil kit that will get them going in light winds of less than 10 knots. Naish have done this with the Hover. Making two models the windsurf specific model and the Hover crossover that is a SUP, Windsurf crossover.

Jay sails has ordered in models of each but be quick as we have sold quite a few before they even land .

The first delivery of Naish Hover is due in late august and all are sold out around the country and at Jay Sails. The second delivery in october still has some available stock .,

I would strongly recommend anyone thinking about this gear to book in advance.

I want give reviews and tests as there are non out yet!, but the web does have plenty of early info on the product. If ytou need any more details give me a ring on 0409854754- Damien

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