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wing surfer or wind ding at jay sailsin action

Wind Wing-Wing Surfing Tasmania

Wing Surfing Tasmania at  Jay sails  is right up there with this new crazy sport.
A wind wing can be used on a normal Stand up paddle board in light winds to travel around the bay , or play with at the shack on the weekends .

Or the more extreme side which is the way people are going is on a foil specific SUP board and a foil.

I have been wind winging-   wind ding or numerous other descriptions …    for one year now and totally love it!!

Basically the best way to learn is get yourself a wind wing-  or demo one from jay sails for a day,  take it out on your old windsurfer,  sup and get the basics of the wing.

You can then advance to a foil sup board,  with a foil,  and you are away!!!

check our foil page for some of the wing surfing gear

Foiling -Windsurf- Kitesurf and SUP



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