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Fanatic Ripper rig 2.5m 2021

New for 2021 summer..$499.00

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Fanatic ripper rig

Ripper Rig

Both, Brand Manager Craig Gertenbach and Shaper Sebastian Wenzel, know how hard it is to find a good rig for their kids, which is why we created the Ripper rig! A sail that is light, durable, easy to use and most of all compact.

Brand manager Craig explains: “When teaching my own kids to sail, I quickly realized that one of the main problems with existing smaller rigs, is that they are too heavy overall and most of the weight is too high up making it really hard work from the get-go. As soon as smaller kids grab the boom, they were getting pulled over forwards. Wanting to solve this issue we worked on some compact designs. By using the lightest materials possible we were able to create a shorter and lighter mast, alongside slightly longer and reduced diameter booms, which became the Ripper rigs. These rigs are ideal for kids who are experiencing the sport for the first time. You can even use them to tandem sail with your kids as they are so short and compact. So if you are a windsurfing mum or dad, it’s time to sacrifice a few hours of your own sailing time and get the next generation of rippers up and running!”

Fanatic shaper Sebastian Wenzel: “I´ve taught all three of my sons to windsurf. The new Ripper rigs are great for helping more kids get into our sport. They’re guaranteed to have fun even when getting acquainted with those first sensations. The rig parts are stored conveniently in a high quality nylon bag which takes up minimal space. I highly recommend it!”

fanatic ripper rig


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