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Ozone Kitesurfing Trainer Kites

$189 to $309.00

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Trainer Kites

People have a better experience and are more likely to continue with the sport if they start out with a trainer kite. These are small foil kites flown on a bar, simulating the way you’ll fly your kitesurfing kite. The idea behind flying a trainer kite is that kite control becomes second nature. You’ll be able to fly your kite and know where it is at all times without looking at it.


Ultimately, you should be able to fly the kite with one hand behind you. This means when you get in the water you can look where you’re going and focus on the board. Flying a trainer kite for 10 to 15 hours means you’ll need fewer lessons. And while you can’t kitesurf with a trainer kite, they’re heaps of fun and you’ll advance much faster if you continue practising with it.


Please watch  online instructional trainer kite video below.


SLINGSHOT B1 3m  $149 – OZONE IGNITION  NOW from  $189

Sizes and Special Prices of Ozone Ignition 1.6 $189, 2 $289, 2.5 $229 and 3 meter $309.

Quick Overview

 Designed to bring out the kitesurfer within everyone, the Ignition is responsive, smooth and stable with just enough power to ensure you will be ready to progress to the next level.

This is where you start if you want to get into kiteboarding. Spend 15 hrs flying one of these and you will need less lessons/instruction. Very similar setup to Kitesurfing kites, it allows flying the kite to become natural before getting on the real thing!. The more you practive the easier it is. And great fun too!

Other brands of trainer Kites include Naish, North and Cabrinha.

North Lizard trainer kites in stock now.!!


– See more at: https://jaysails.com.au/wp/product/trainer-kites/#sthash.6JKIqxu4.dpuf


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