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naish mana 2022

Naish Mana GS 9’5″2022


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Naish Mana

The Naish Mana range is one of the most popular models from Naish.  It is an all round wide body paddle board. Looking for a paddle board that is slightly more wave orientated but still a great allrounder- look for Naish Mana

The 9,5″ being the most popular size

The Mana 9’5″ GS features an exaggerated wave design for riders who want both stability and optimum performance in medium to small size surf. It has an exaggerated tail rocker, V bottom and soft rails to make turning on a wave incredibly easy. This shape is perfect for lighter riders in small surf and bigger riders wanting more stability in a shorter wave board.

The Naish Mana 10’0″ GS features a wide, stable design for riders of any size wanting stability for small surf. It has an extra-wide outline for increased stability making learning and riding small waves remarkably easy. Its V bottom shape and exaggerated tail rocker also provide great turning characteristics..






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