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Windsurfer LT

Jay sails is proud to be the Tasmanian retailer of the new Windsurfer LT.

This class has taken off strongly in Tasmania-  with well over 25 of the new Od on the water.

Regular racing at Sandy bay, Lauderdale and other clubs around the state.

The new Windsurfer LT One Design is a vast improvement on the very early Windsurfer that introduced hundreds of thousands of peolple to sailboarding ( Windsurfing) back in the late 60!). Making a debut in Tasmani in the mid to late 1970,s the windsurfer od took off!,

The new model Windsurfer OD  has been refined with a wider platform, less weight and kept up with modern board manufacting of epoxy sandwich technology. Featuring a fully retractable centreboard, modern poweerbox fin system and nice deck pad. The Windsufer OD  can also be used as a SUP!.

The adjustable alloy boom has a modern clamp system onto the low carbon two piece mast. Spin on up to date mast foot rigged on the mylar 5.7 meter Windsurfer OD sail completes the package.

These boards are very well priced at $2799 complete.

Choice of 6 sail colours and numerous accessories to choose from, i.e futted bag $180 extra. Seat harness $180-$230 and long adjustable harness lines from $39.00

Come and check oput the new Windsurfer OD at Jay sails Tasmania now.

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