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Wind Wing, Wing Surfing, Winging

Wind Wing Winging   Wing Surfing has taken the world by storm and Jay Sails is ready in Tasmania. We have been there from the beginning two years ago and are also actively participating in this great sport.

Note that wind winging  can also be done on your existing allrounder sup board. A great way to get the feel of the wing before taking the next step.

Through our large network of importers, Jay Sails has in stock and/or we can access virtually any brand of Wing gear/ boards  you may be seeking.

We sell globally recognized and trusted brands that deliver on their promises. These include Naish, Fanatic, Konrad, Smik, Axis, Armstrong NSP, Slingshot and more..

Get a wing ding at Jay Sails .

The products displayed on this page are just a small sample of what we have available in stock. Also, at regular times throughout the year great savings can be made with pre-ordering. Please contact us for details.

Jay Sails Tasmania have some demo wings too, available to newcomers to try.