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Windfoiling- Kitefoiling,Prone foiling and SUPfoiling.-Pre Order now for summer delivery.

This new side of the sport is gaining popularity fast.

Windsurf foiling has had some big developments ready for the 2018 season, Planing on your windsurfer in 8 knots of wind with a 5m sail!.

First Kite foiling took off  years ago and has not looked back, with many of the Windsurf and SUP foils developed from the kite gear. Now its Wind Wing, wing ding,  wingsurfering

Get ready for summer 2021!!

SUP foiling, with boards like the Naish Hover Crossover 122 you can SUP foil, Windsurf or just go for a SUP!

Prone surf foiling gear ordered in as well.

Need to know more about Foiling?

Give us a call, we’ll make sure you get the right start.

Kitefoiling at jay sails
Supfoiling at jay sails