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Windsurfing Components

At Jay Sails Windsurfing Tasmania we supply all the windsurfing components you need to get you on the water.

The popular Windsurfing Products displayed below are just a small selection of Jay Sails Massive range of Windsurfing gear available right here in Tasmania.

Jay Sails offer the Most Competitive Prices on Windsurfing equipment..

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Windsurfing board used by sailor with high tech windsurfing sails

Wind Water Waves Speed – The Original Addiction!

Tasmania is the perfect playground for windsurfing with its wonderfully diverse and beautiful beaches, rivers and bays. With great local knowledge and experience, Jay Sails can supply the needs of all sailors, with skill levels from beginner to advanced. We cover all diciplines of the sport, from those chasing the perfect waves, right through to the adrenaline rush of speed sailing