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Kitesurfing Kites

The Popular Kitesurfing Kites displayed below are just a small selection of our Massive Range of Kite Gear.

We cover every skill level from beginner trainer kites to advanced Kites for pros!

Jay Sails have access to all the best brands like Cabrinha, Naish, North, Slingshot, F1 and more

Jay Sails offer the Most Competitive Prices on Kitesurfing gear with  delivery within 5 days if it is not in stock. Also, at regular times throughout the year great savings can be made with pre-ordering. Please contact us for details.

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Wind Water Waves- Aspire to Fly!

Kitesurfing is a dynamic adrenaline-filled sport for those wanting that extra rush. Kiteboarding Tasmania offers unique and exciting opportunities for kiting with abundant wind, and numerous wide open water playgrounds. At Jay Sails we can cover all your kiteboarding needs, from beginners to seasoned pros.

Also browse our entire range of kitesurfing Kites and gear by Brand, and Contact Us for Tasmanias best kiteboarding deals and advice.