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Windsurfing  Secondhand

A selection of Windsurfing second hand  gear we have available at Jay Sails Wind Kite SUP Hobart Tasmania.

Quality  secondhand  gear can be hard to find in Tasmania,and prices on new Windsurfing gear very competitive at Jay Sails.

Please be wary about buying any secondhand older style gear you see as it is very possible that it may not suit your needs. This is a very easy mistake to make!. A lot of the older gear, ( even though it is cheap and sometimes new condition) is completely impractical and can make learning much more difficult, if not impossible.

Jay Sails windsurfing Tasmania will happily give advice something before you purchase it.

If you would like me to sell your second hand Windsurfing gear OR buy something here please contact us for details.

starboard start rig redListed on 19.4.18

Starboard Start learner rig complete $500

Sail size is 5m (red), complete kit.

Ideal for Learning to windsurf in Tasmania at  Dorans,  Cremorne lagoon or similar up North.

Near new condition, probably used 5- 6 times.


Starboard Start complete sail package:
A super light, awesome priced, dacron sail setup that sets up in seconds. Available in two sizes: 2m, 3m and 5m.
Included in package:
– Windsurf Sail
– Mast
– Extension
– Boom
– Euro UJ
– UJ converter
– Uphaul

All windsurfing gear at Jay Sails in Lauderdale.

can post State Wide.

Starboard go at Jay SailsListed on 17.4.18

Starboard go 155 $1200

This board is in excellent condition and with two fins

Modern learner board dimensions and the most popular model too!

Ideal for Learning to windsurf in Tasmania at  Dorans,  Cremorne lagoon or similar up North.


All windsurfing gear at Jay Sails in Lauderdale.

can post State Wide.

naish global wave

Listed on 2.10.15

Naish Global M ( 88) 2015 $1495 SOLD

Excellent condition, great board that can be used as single of three fin.

This board is fast!!, one of the best bump and jump boards i have owned. Near new condition,  save two thousand off new price.

Freight example $80 to Sydney or Melbourne

jp windsurfer thruster quad at Windsurfing Secondhand Jay SailsListed on 7.8.15

JP thruster quad 83 2015 $1390 SOLD

Great condition other that a few paint chips and some scratches on the bottom near the front. No damage or repairs.
Overall presents very well.
great versatility, thruster, quad, twin or single, i.e 5 slot boxes!!
I used this as a thruster with smaller k4 fins, these can be supplied as extra if wanted. along with a set of quads in k4.
comes with original jp thruster fin set, jp board bag extra if wanted , exact fit for board.
save big money off replacement price of $3500 this coming season.

Also have a 2015 naish global wave for $1475 89 thruster/single and a 2015/16 Quatro Sphere thruster 95 thruster single, $2200 ( same model for 2016 and only used twice).
Freight example is $80 to Sydney or Melbourne

Billows rdm mast 400cm, $200

excellent used 3 times condition

billows mast at jay sails

Listed on 28.1.16

Severne Blad SailsListed on 27.5.16

Blades 4.5-5M And 5.7 Pro  SOLD

I have a quiver of Blades to sell, one is a pro model
They are all in very good condition, The 4.5 is in near new condition- used a few times.
The 5m has had a small repair to the foot ( in photo)., other than that excellent condition with no other damage.
The 5.7 pro is in excellent condition, no repairs , rips etc.
Would sell the lot for $$1050, can sell separately with negotiation.
Happy to freight, example is $25-30 for the three sails to Melbourne

gumtree logo for Jay SailsDont Forget Jay Sails also regularly list great specials on gumtree. Click on the Logo to see current listings

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