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Stand Up Paddle buyers Guide

Buying a Stand Up Paddle Board

Buying a Stand Up Paddleboard.  Long Race style SUP boards go very fast in a straight line .Stand Up Paddling is a great way to stay fit while have fun in the process. You can explore hidden bays, surf waves or challenge yourself in racing internationally. Most stand up paddle board brands manufacture boards based on their specificity whether it be touring, racing or surfing. There is a huge amount of variation in today’s boards.There are various types of Stand [...]

Naish 2016 8.3 Hokua x-32

The Naish Hokua x32

I just purchased one of these boards for my self in 8'3",  thought i would share a review from JB, Naish Australia Rider. " 7'10" Naish Hokua X32 LE This board is so much fun. So much like it's little brother the 7'6" Hokua LE, this board is explosive in the pocket, turns on a dime but now the added stability to make it a pleasure to paddle. Much like the 7'6" the 7'10" does hold back a little on the take [...]