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fanatic sup sky windsurf

Fanatic Sup Sky Windsurf Wind wing 2021

Continued for 2021 $2,099.00

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Fanatic Sup Sky Windsurf Wind wing

The Fanatic sup sky windsurf .   this is one very versatile board .   You can sup foil, windsurf foil and also use it with the wind wing!.

Footstrap inserts in the Fanatic Sup sky windsurf.

The high volume make it great for learning the new sport of wingsurfings

SUP Foil / Wing Foil / Windsurf Foil
Sky SUP Foil WS
Sizes: 6’11”


Large Surf
Small Surf
Paddling Ability
Wave Catching

The Sky SUP Windsurf Edition is our new swiss army knife of foiling sensations! Designed to maximise your fun – wether with a paddle, a Foil Wing or a Windsurfing rig in your hands!

Everything about the compact Sky SUP has been optimised to make it as easy as possible to get up onto the foil. The compact dimensions, thick.

All Features

• Design is 100% optimised for foiling
• Multi-Discipline: Ideal for SUP Foiling, SUP Downwinders, Wing Foiling and Windsurf Foiling
• Special edition with mastrack and footstrap options for Windsurf Foiling
• Step tail for efficient pump onto foil and freedom to ride steeper sections
• Compact shape for stability and manoeuvrability
• Pulled in nose and bevelled rails for neutral touch-downs, and to avoid catching in tight turns on the wave
• Increased recessed deck shape for comfort and control when paddling, and more direct feel and control of the foil
• Full deckpad with centreline bumper delivers grip, comfort and helps your foot locate the cen-treline when riding
• Unique channel bottom shape for efficiency, soft landings and great tracking whilst paddling
• Short length makes it easy to pump, control and transport
• Track foil mount system allows for fine tuning
• Carrying handle for ease
• Supplied in VCT (Vector Net


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