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Ion Rail Tape


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Ion Rail Tape

ION  Rail Tape


ION Rail Tape SUP

contains 2 pieces

Available in white or Grey – please state preference in comments section when checking out

193cm * 6.3cm

Highly durable rail protection foil for SUP boards
Protects against outside impacts on the rail from paddle and transport
Automotive standard
Only 0,4mm thickness
High impact and abrasion endurance
Easy to install
Ion Rail Tape has Self adhesive backing

Rail Tape application help here:


5 Tips For Looking After Your Stand Up Paddle Board

Check out this must read guide to ensure your stand up paddle board stays in tip top shape.

    1. Maintenance and storageWhen you are not using your SUP, make sure you store it out of direct sunlight, in a cool environment. If it’s unavoidable, use a board bag that has a reflective cover to reflect the heat.
    2. Vent plugsThese will work if you release the air before the damage is done. But the best way to prevent damage is don’t let your SUP overheat in the first place.
  1. Fix up dings straight awayPrevent your SUP getting waterlogged. Your SUP is designed to glide freely across the water so you can be at one with nature. However, if you get a crack in it, it will take in water, eventually become waterlogged, heavy and unmanageable. Not what the doctor ordered.If you think you have hit something, check your board as soon as you can for damage. Don’t put it off, whatever you do. If your worst fears are realised, you have two options. Fix the ding yourself, or take it to your local, friendly ding repairer and they will do it for you.If you choose the manly option and want to fix it yourself, there are a few ways of doing it.
      – You can get hold of some clear ding tape, and apply it to the crack. Make sure the board is dry and clean before you apply the tape. This should work well on most small cracks.
      – The other way of fixing a ding on your SUP is using Solacure. It can get a little messy, so have a cloth to hand to wipe away any excess liquid before it sets in the sun.
        – Finally there is marine putty, which you can find in hardware stores such as Masters or Bunnings. You can just shove it into a larger ding and it sets quickly so you can get back out in the water without a care in the world. Its worth having a least one of these remedies with you in your mode of transport, so if you do get a ding, you can fix it up on the fly.
  2. SUP rail tape.we recommend you get yourself some of this before taking to the waves. It can help protect your paddleboard rails from hits and chips, preserving its useful life and helping boost any resale value.
  3. Rinse after use.After using your board, give it a rinse over with fresh water and remove any sand. It only takes a minute, and will be well worth the effort in the long run.


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