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2009 North EGO  5m,


Jays sails Sells all North sails including this super special price brand new unused 5 meter North EGO in green colour code for $385 , i only have one .

boom max…….
Luff max. ….
Battens        5
IMCS          17-19
The EGO represents a symbol of inovation ,built with exceptional materials to incorporate the latest trends in sail design.
Yet despite our passion for innovation ,we are true to our motto innovation follows function.
With this in mind ,Kai Hopf developed the BALANCED.LUFF.Length,
a precisely balanced ratio off luff length to the boom length.As short and compact as possible for radical handling and as long as necessary for a decent twist,ensuring a maximum wind range .In order to achieve sensible sizes,Kai uses the proven NORTH SAILS CROSS BATTEN CONCEPT in combination with the new CLEW.CUTAWAY reaping real benefits for handling.
When it comes to the number of battens ,Kai rather konservative since good high end control and a wide wind range still demand 5 battens .
Of course ,similar to the voodoo,the EGO was designed  as a hardcore sail .Therefore ,all smaller sizes feature a window panel made od large -meshed HEAVY DUTY  X.PLY while the large sizes starting at 5,3 made with monofilm for weight reasons.
IMPORTANT:the EGO is the first sail exclsively designed for RDM masts due to its special characteristics (very elastic)
The smaller diameter perfectly matches the softer sail and shorter luff.
new:less nervousness and better pumping thanks the reduced sail foil tension-
new: straight foot design allows for even more radical moves ,even closer to the impact zone
new: size.specific.construction  for the ideal mix between performance weight and durability
new: maximum durability and perfect elasticity thanks to ARAMID.LUFF.PANEL


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