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Kiteboarding Learner Progression DVD


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 Kiteboarding Learner DVD

at Jay Sails Kiteboarding Tasmania

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Kiteboarding learner  DVD (S) Available through Jay Sails.
The progression Kiteboarding learner DVD series of instructional DVDs are here to give you the confidence and motivation to improve quickly and safely.  A complete, video based learning resource that supports and builds on everything you may have already, or are about to, learn in the your lessons. This Kiteboarding learner DVD contains over 2.5 hours of in depth content and analysis, covering every aspect of beginner kitesurfing from the technical basics to fundamental riding technique.

PROGRESSION Kiteboarding learner BEGINNNER:
– Location and conditions: Understand your environment and become an observant and knowledgeable kiter
– Equipment and terminology: Overview of all kite styles and how they can make a difference to your progression
– Kite Setup: Breakdown and detailed explanation of kite and bar set up, giving you confidence and independence
– Launching and landing the kite: Understand how to safely start and end your session, using both 4 and 5 line kites
– Body Dragging: Flying the kite to give you the momemtum required to ride and recover your board
– Water re-launch & Self Rescue: Detailed re-launch technique and common problem analysis. Outline of the optimum self rescue process.
– Waterstarts and First Runs: Getting you up on the board and making those first crucial runs
– Riding and Staying Up Wind: Developing your riding technique and stance, mastering comfortable up wind riding
– Change of Direction – Sliding Turn: Learn the steps to keep your board and kite in sync, and your body out of the water



Once you’ve mastered the kitesurfing basics, there is an amazing array of tricks and techniques that will keep you loving every aspect for kitesurfing for years to come –Progression Kiteboarding Intermediate Volume 1, is here to make sure you get the most out of your time on the water, whatever the conditions, whatever tricks you want to learn & whatever equipment you choose to ride.

This DVD is over 2 hours long featuring the following:

– Toeside riding: looking at your technique both sliding round to toeside, but also ensuring you can keep your speed up, control the power and ride along effortlessly.
– Carving turns: here we’ll help you manage the critical syncronisation of your board and kite movement, starting with Toeside to Heelside carves, and then on to Heelside to Toeside.
– Jumping: Probably the most popular and fundemental trick in kitesurfing and the Intermediate Volume 1 DVD will cover all aspects of this in vast details. We start with small jumps, minimising the kite movement, and here we have a vast array of common mistakes to help you diognose your individual problems. Then its on to increasing your height and boosting big airs. A completely new addition is an introduction to popping. Leaving your kite parked and understanding how to edge to generate lift, another key skill that will open the door to so much more in the future.
– Lightwind Riding: we all have to kite in lighter winds as some point and if you want to avoid frustration and make the most of the conditions then technique is crucial. Wonder why you feel really powered up, in lightwinds, but can’t stay upwind? You want to watch our segment on the theory of apparent wind.
– Strong winds: When it blows hard you can get intimidating by the consequences of your actions but with out 4 strong wind tips we’ll give you the control to start releshing some of the most fun conditions kitesurfing has to offer.
– Coping with Waves: Though you may have learnt in flat water, plenty of locations throw up some daubting waves that stands between you and a great session. Learn how to survive and get out through the breakers.
– Tuning your kit: Modern kites will generally work well straight out of the bag, but there are small adjustments that can be made to change the flying characterists of some kites or the way your bar works. And over time you may find your lines need to be adjusted, both to tune your kite but also to fix some problems – something that can be a headache, so we cover it all in detail, so you’ll come to fully understand how your lines interact with the kite and bar.

Each chapter is built around our established Progression Method, which has proved successful over the past 7 years and 7 Progression DVDs. Detailed technique breakdown, common problem analysis, split screens, slow motion repeats and graphic overlays – all proven at aiding faster development.

This is an exciting time in your kitesurfing progression, so do yourself a favour and waste no time struggling to understand what you are doing wrong, get a copy of the Progression Kiteboarding Intermediate Volume 1 DVD, soak up some ideas and then get out there and give it a go!

Many kitesurfers master the fundamentals, and can comfortably cruise around and try the odd jump, but then struggle to move any further. Progression Kiteboarding Intermediate Volume 2 has help thousands of kitesurfers to take the next step and start learning tricks with rotations.

We focus on three manoeuvres; back loops, forward loops, and transitions. Looking at each in detail and breaking them down into simpler progressions – starting small and work your way up to high jumps with multiple rotations and maybe even the odd grab thrown in!

Stunning photography presents each manoeuvre in perfect clarity. Coupled with our presentational techniques, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of each manoeuvre than you ever thought possible.

Tricks covered in this DVD are:
– Back Loops
– Forward Loops
– Jump Transitions
– Backloop Transitions
– Forward Loop Transition

Fat Sand Productions are getting ready to take you the next step in your Kiteboarding Progression. Following on from the huge success of ProgressionKiteboarding Beginner& Intermediate, its now time for us to focus our attentions on guiding everyone on to advanced freestyle and freeriding tricks.

Progression Kiteboarding Advanced takes the proven techniques used in our previous DVDs to break down these manoeuvres and allow any intermediate kitesurfer the opportunity to start slow and build to the tricks we all dream of mastering, whether its kiteloops, board offs, unhooking or your first handle passes.

Tricks covered in this DVD are:
– Hooked in Kiteloops
– Board offs
– Riding Blind
– Unhooked set up & basics
– Popping
– Raleys
– S-bends
– Unhooked Kiteloops
– Unhooked Downloops
– Intro to Handle passes

Filmed in Egypt with British Pros Lewis Crathern, Neil Hilder and Jo Wilson we’ll show you that whether you’re young or old, male or female there are so many tricks that are within your grasp, you only need a little help so you can save your self some bruises!

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