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Starboard G0 161

Jay Sails sells the entire range of Starboard,s including the Starboard go 161. If you know what want ask and we can see if we can get it in for you at a great price.

The Starboard GO,s are our  iconic range of progressive freeriders

Starboard’s iconic range of progressive freeriders. The original, comfortable, stable all-round designs that have ushered in modern windsurfing by making it easy to progress, from early learner to advanced rider.

What’s progressive freeriding? It’s about getting planing, hooking in to the harness, learning to waterstart, learning to windsurf with speed and power and mastering the carve jibe.The 2015 GOs have been upgraded to share the same modern slim shapes as the 2015 Carve range: 8% slimmer, they offer a wider wind range with more control in high winds and more power in light winds. With the extra width comes more stability and earlier planing, and the ability to use bigger sails and deeper fins. With reduced thickness comes a sharper, more race-like sensation and improved control in higher winds.Narrower tails with softer rails in the mid-section improve jibing performance. A new G10 CNC milled performance fin with a thinner tip rounds up our upgrades for 2015.The GO boards are designed around three key principles: make planing easy, make the ride fast and exciting, and make the handling fun and responsive. Sharing the same shape as the latest slimmer Carves, these new shapes have proven to score almost perfectly in freeride tests:“The GO is in our opinion the most complete board in the category that will satisfy the struggling beginner just as much as the planing beginner and the expert. It’s a board you’ll hang on to for several years, with the outstanding feature of a soft EVA deck that will accommodate those who fall a lot. Another important point is that the board will allow you to rig smaller sails than the other boards in the test group, down to a size of 5.5m². The turning radius in a carve can be tight, and the board is more playful than the test group’s average, creating a less “guided” feel than the other boards in the group.”PlancheMag Special Test Issue, March/April 2012, France

(1) Wide outline for low speed stability, large sail and large fin carrying capability

(2) Thin profile for control, maneuverability and a sharp, exciting ride

(3) Full soft EVA deck: comfortable for your feet, knees and elbows. You get lots of grip without the cuts or rashes. The EVA deck is raised high above the edges of the board to allow the water to flow freely around the board and carve jibe smoothly without interruption.

(4) Footstraps positions for every level of sailing: beginner, intermediates and advanced.

(1) Carry handle in the nose makes carrying the board by two people more convenient

(2) The 151 and 161 include a center fin-box: Perfect for fitting an extra center fin that makes a beginner’s first steps even easier

(3) Cut-away shapes that account for high top speed and quick acceleration – See more at: http://www.star-board-windsurfing.com/2015/products/boards/go#sthash.zM9JcEOg.dpuf

Go 99
Go 121
Go 131
Go 141
Go 151
Go 161
Tufskin Volume Length Width Tail width Thickness Bottom shape (from tail to nose) Number of footstrap rows Fin Finbox Recommended fin range Recommended sail range Weight (Tufskin)
o 99 216 76.3 50.1 8.9 Flat Vee to Double Concave 2 Drake Freeride Glide 40 + Plugs Tuttle 34 – 44 2.0 – 7.5 8.50
o 121 252 72.5 47.0 12.0 Flat Vee 3 Drake Freeride Power 40 Tuttle 36 – 42 5.0 – 8.0 9.80
o 131 252 75.5 48.7 12.4 Flat Vee 3 Drake Freeride Power 44 Tuttle 38 – 46 5.5 – 9.0 10.40
o 141 251 79.5 49.9 12.6 Flat Vee 3 Drake Freeride Power 46 Tuttle 40 – 48 6.0 – 9.5 10.60
o 151 251 81 51.5 14.4 Flat Vee 3 Drake Freeride Power 50 + Plug 2 x Tuttle 42 – 50 6.5 – 10 11.10
o Starboard go 161 254 85 52 14.9 Flat Vee 3 Drake Freeride Power 50 + Plugs 2 x Tuttle 46 – 54 7.0 – 10 11.80

– See more at:http://www.star-board-windsurfing.com/2015/products/boards/go


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