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Windsurfing Specials

This new windsurfing specials page will have a lot of Windsurfing gear on it that is a reduced price.

All in stock at Jay Sails now- Buy your windsurfing gear locally in  Tasmania.

Freight anywhere in Tasmania*, usually overnight delivery. Freight to mainland , example  approx $20 for one sail.

Check out Jay Sails  windsurfing specials below.


Naish Boxer 2014 Jay Sails Sails



Naish Boxer 2014, 5m ( Green as shown), Brand new $499,ENQUIRE









North Soul 2014/15  brand new $499 ,ENQUIRE





north-hero-4.7 Windsurfing specials



North hero me 5.0 2016  brand new $650 ,ENQUIRE





north hero 5.6 windsurfing tasmania




North hero Hybrid 5.6 2016  brand new $650 ,ENQUIRE




hero 4.7 windsurfing specials Tasmania




North hero Hybrid 4.7 2016  brand new $650 ,ENQUIRE




north volt 4.7 at jay sails




North volt   4.7 2014  brand new $455  ,ENQUIRE







volt windsurfing sail 2015





North volt 4.7 2015  brand new $610 ,ENQUIRE






North idol 2014 5m at jay sails




North Idol, freestyle, wave bump and jump, 4.8, 5m and 5.6  2016  brand new $540 ,ENQUIRE






north mast sdm 430





North mast 430 cm silver sdm 60% brand new $650 ,ENQUIRE






powerex masts



complete with bag.all rdm
2 times 430 85% $520 ea
2 times 430 65% $495ea
1 times 400 85% $520ea
Constant curve so fit most sail brands.







North mast 400 cm silver rdm 60% brand new $475 ,ENQUIRE










Billows rdm carbon ext, 30cm  brand new $100 ,ENQUIRE








Hypersonic 30 or 45 cm extension rdm  brand new $85 ,ENQUIRE





chinnok alloy extension



Chinook 30 cm extension rdm  brand new $125 ,ENQUIRE









Prolimit hybrid waist harness medium,  brand new $85 ,ENQUIRE




ion axis harness





Ion Axis Harness, small, medium or Large $145 ,ENQUIRE





Ion Revvox



Ion Revoxx Harness in medium , Large and Xlarge $189 ,ENQUIRE








North Silver 2016 150-200cm boom  brand new $390,ENQUIRE





Transit waist harness windsurf



Flying objects transit waistharness (hybrid seat/waist)  brand new $185 ,ENQUIRE





Ion waist harness windsurf



Ion Radium 2015 waist harness large windsurf, brand new $220 ,ENQUIRE





Starboard go 165




Starboard Go 2015 Model- 161 Litres- Brand New $1599- ENQUIRE







Free freight within Tasmania is on selected items, please contact to discuss.