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surfboards learner at jay sails

Surfboards at Jay Sails

Surfboards Jay sails now stocks an extensive range of Surfbaords. check out our SURFBOARD PRODUCT PAGE . we stock all sizes of ocean earth ezi riders and can get in for you any of their products . check them out on soft board link below https://oceanandearth.com.au/collections/soft-boards We are not going to sell high performance short boards or top end longboards , more concentrating on the learner intermediate market. Having said that we mainly sell softboard surfbaords that have also become very popular amongst all surfers due [...]

wingsurfing in tasmania

Windwing in Tasmania – Wingsurfing

As we enter our 3rd wind wing season in Tasmania the number of participants in the sport continue to grow. Southern Tasamania has over 40 members in our local WHATTSAP WIND WING GROUP. Contact me if you want to be added. Gear has evolved a lot and now is the best time to get into the sport-  it is a lot easier to learn than it was when it first came to our state. This season will see lots of mainland dingers [...]

Jay sails

Jay Sails Stock levels for spring and summer 2021- 22

Hey Guys just an update on our supplies for the Summer. Things are a bit slow arriving-  but starting to roll in. Jay Sails has pushed really hard over the winter months to ensure we have plenty of goodies ready for all water lovers. Stand Up paddle boards,  by ECS, Naish, Ocean Earth, Fanatic, Starboard, JP Australia. and more Windsurfing and kitesurfing gear will be covered for everyone..    all the big brands will be available including Fanatic, Duotone, Naish, Slingshot, Severne, Cabrinha .  [...]

wingsurfing tasmania style

Wing surfing in Tasmania- Wind Winging Wingsurfing- wing ding

Wing surfing/Wind Winging  in Tasmania And whats it about: Call it what you want but it is best known as windwinging, wing surfing, Wing foiling or wing ding . It has had a big uptake in Tasmania with big growth of the summer period. There is a whattsap group now with 15 active members and the numbers are increasing. The gear has improved since summer 2020 when it all began,  with wings more stable,  specific wing boards and matching foils. At the moment [...]

wing surfer or wind ding at jay sailsin action

Wind Wing-Wing Surfing Tasmania

Wing Surfing Tasmania at  Jay sails  is right up there with this new crazy sport. A wind wing can be used on a normal Stand up paddle board in light winds to travel around the bay , or play with at the shack on the weekends . Or the more extreme side which is the way people are going is on a foil specific SUP board and a foil. I have been wind winging-   wind ding or numerous other descriptions ...    [...]


Tassie Sup Winter Classic 2019

Tassie Sup Winter Classic 2019 Once again the Tassie sup Winter classic has come and gone.   Held at The picturesque Pirates bay on the South East coast of Tasmania  on 21st to 22nd June-   coldest time of year BRRR!! This years event was lower on numbers than in the past but still was a fun, rewardinding event for everyone involved. Thanks for Tassie SUP, All competitors , Sponsors   and Jay sails for getting all prizes together. Overall winner in Waves was Andrew Leitch and [...]

Stand up paddle boarding in tasmania

Plenty of SUP boards in stock – going into winter- bargains!! Stand up Paddle Tasmania

Stand Up Paddle Tasmania   Jay sails in Lauderdale have plenty of stock we want to clear out before winter. Complete paddle boards like the inception that is only $899 with paddle and leash. or you can purchase the woodgrain version for only $1199. Clearout specials on Starboard whoppers- nuts and widepoints. Give me a ring and grab a bargain. Jay sails 0409854754