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wingsurfing tasmania style

Wing surfing in Tasmania- Wind Winging Wingsurfing- wing ding

Wing surfing/Wind Winging  in Tasmania

And whats it about:

Call it what you want but it is best known as windwinging, wing surfing, Wing foiling or wing ding .
It has had a big uptake in Tasmania with big growth of the summer period. There is a whattsap group now with 15 active members and the numbers are increasing.

The gear has improved since summer 2020 when it all began,  with wings more stable,  specific wing boards and matching foils. At the moment there are 92 Manufacturers of wingsurfing gear globally.
We only stock gear from the major brands as it has been tested and proven by wingers all around the globe. For example the Duotone , NAISH, Fanatic gear are in the top selling brands Globally.
Having personally been active in this sport since winter 2019 i can now say that i have enough knowledge to get everyone into the sport  from 13 year olds to 70 years!!

Jay sails feel that summer 2022 will be another big season for winging in Tasmania.

We will be stocking boards from Fanatic, Starboard, Nsp, Naish and Smik.

Foils and wings will also be in stock all the time .

some gear can be found here,  the page wiull be growing all the time so keep an eye on it.  If the product is not there it does not mean we dont have it..   we probably do or can get it in within 5 days .

Wind Wing Tasmania

Jay sails will have a large demo learner board that can be borrowed out under supervision for your first few goes.

And where is the action.

here is a tube clip of a winger at Cremorne Sandbar in summer.


We have found some great spots for learning this sport  and  Wing surfing in tasmania including Cremorne  lagoon on a high tide and summer  seabreeze.  Dorans rd in a Easterly seabreaze is the best learner spot as the water in sooooo smooth.

Dorans rd in westerly winds,   river Derwent in a summer seabreeze is also good for wing foiling.

I am sure there will be plenty of spots around Tasmania for wingsurfing that have yet to be discovered.


If you want to join the Tasmanian wing surfing whattsap please text me on 0409854754.

Wing surfing is here to stay in Tasmania.

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