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Hadlow Pro Waist Harness- Prolimit

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Hadlow pro Waist Harness


Five time world champion Aaron Hadlow has his own harness – the all new Hadlow pro waist harness Signature model!

The Hadlow signature model has been designed for Aaron’s special requirement. A 100% performance and comfort harness! It features an extreme 3D shaped load distribution plates and 3D moulded floating pillow to follow the movement of his body.

For comfort Prolimit have intergrated their neoprene soft edges and Dual Foam System (DFS). Prolimit’s stump nose spreader bar is mounted on the new Integrated slide-in bar pad system. For Hadlow’s special tricks – Prolimit have HPL stainless steel attachment points with new PULL release and an easy to grab integrated grab handle.

Performance: High to medium back support without the stiff feeling of a moulded harness.

Extreme 3D shaped load distribution plates, 3D moulded floating pillow, neoprene soft edges. Dual foam system (DFS) and of course a ‘stump nose’ kite spreader bar.

Medium to high back support

HPL (Handle-pass leash) attachment points in stainless steel and integrated grab handle.

Developed together with Aaron Hadlow – the Pro Limit team have a new slick looking and perfectly working bar pad which integrates perfectly with the Hadlow Pro harness.

Dual Foam System:
Developed in conjunction with Prolimit’s 3D Shaping, the dual foam system focuses on further distributing any pressure evenly over the harness area. Comprising of two layers of dual density foam, the inner layer of medium density foam forms to the bodies’ specific contour, while the higher density outside layer absorbs the primary load from the reinforcing plate. This system means we can reduce the thickness of our reinforcing plate, which once again increases mobility.

Floating Pillow:
Prolimit introduces SHAPE & TECHNOLOGY systems. The internal 3D shaped board is on the exterior of the harness leaving the inner pillow supporting for a 100% your back. The Floating pillow will adjust it’s height automatically to your back.

Integrated Bar Pad:
The downhold loops on the harness are sewn on to a large plate which prevents the bar from riding up onto your ribs and locks the bar in it’s place still being one with the harness. The smart solution for kiteboarders!

Neoprene Soft Edge:
To prevent edge tension, rash and discomfort when using a waist harness, we developed the neoprene soft edge. The inside and outside skin of the harness feature a lycra covered neoprene edge that flexes easily and covers the traditionally abrasive edge of the harness.

Pin Release Spreader:
Throughout the years – Pro Limit’sPin Release Spreader has established itself as the easiet to use and most robust Quick Release system on the market today. All stainless steel components make it “bombproof” and engaging and releasing the spreader takes a push or a pull, its really that simple. Completely patented and the best working QR system.

Kidney Belt:
All Pro Limits waist harnesses are equipped with a Kidney neoprene belt. Pro Limit’s stickflex body control belt is designed specially for kiteboarders who want a tighter fit, less movement and greater control. It is well known in various other sports that a kidney belt supports your kidney’s, making you less tired and keeps you healthy.

The wide neoprene belt is specially designed using a unique combination of neoprene and ski material for a perfect fit and additional warmth.

Hadlow Pro waist Harness Features:

• Unique 3D shaped fit technology by shaped innerplates
• Kite bar pad integrated design
• Stump nose hook design
• Unique pin release system
• Molded 3D floating pillow
• Dual Foam system

hadlow pro waist

hadlow pro waist


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