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Naish Kiteboards S25

Call for best price..Includes 2019 specials.

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Naish Kiteboards  S25 2021 Collection

Fuel The Impulse | Naish Kiteboards 2021

For decades, Naish has pioneered the evolution of Naish kiteboarding. We’ve been helping athletes go harder, higher and faster season after season with products equipped to face every potential challenge when pursuing this sport’s new frontiers.

Naish Kiteboarding S25

have just released it’s line up of boards, and there is a well thought out range of boards. The hardest part is zoning in on which board you want. Would be great to have one of each, right?

The new range of kitesurfing boards are the Global, Skater, Goto, Strapless Wonder and Gecko.

With an extensive collection of specialized twin tips, directional boards, foilboards, even an adaptable and interchangeable foil system, S25 delivers the tools you need to explore the unchartered territories of your kiting.

What beckons to you from Beyond the Horizon?

For all your Naish kiting gear at the best price please contact Jay Sails. If in stock kites can be delivered overnight.

The Naish Kiteboards S25  range can be viewed online now HERE

Clear out Kites , Boards and Harness specials below.

We will Match and beat any delivered price in Australia.

The Global is a fast & furious dedicated waveboard. Say no more.

Naish Global

Naish Global

The Skater, as you can imagine, is a freestyle board which is a lot more forgiving and fun on smaller waves, as well as ideal for all those strapless airs you’ll be practising the summer, right? It’s got more float so you can get around those closeout sections which are such a regular feature of beach breaks.

Naish Skater

Naish Skater

The Goto looks to fit in between the Global and the Skater – it’s got the wave shape, but also the volume and forgiveness of the Skater. Whilst it’s not perfectly adapted to either, it’s niche is being able to hang in their when the waves are pumping, and yet still be fun when the waves are small.

Naish Goto

Naish Goto

The Strapless Wonder .. doesn’t even have an option for straps! The deck is contoured for you stomping your hooves all over it; the outline is forgiving to keep you planing when you run out of waves or wind, and again – great for airs.

Naish Strapless Wonder

Naish Strapless Wonder

Last but not least is the Gecko – an interesting variant! Naish say “we set off to create a strapless only board made for kiters who prefer a directional over a twin tip but primarily ride flatwater or choppy spots..” .. sounds fun. They all sound fun.

Naish Gecko

Naish Gecko

They all come in many different sizes, and constructions which, if you have the coin (or the passion, but not the coin), you might be able to go the full Carbon version.

Check out the boards in action here:










Driven by a passion for the sport and a thirst to innovate, Naish fuses the talent of top engineers and athletes with cutting edge technologies and premium materials. The result is a wide range of kiting gear developed to suit the individual needs of anyone from the seasoned professional, to the weekend warrior, to someone just getting their toes wet for the first time.

Whatever the reason, whatever the impulse, wherever the water takes you . . . this is your moment. Make it extraordinary.




















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