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Naish Gt Sport 130 2015 model

Jay Sails sells the entire range of Naish Windsurfing boards and accessories including the Naish Gt Sport 130. If you know what want ask and we can see if we can get it in for you at a great price.


Lighter riders or those in consistently stronger wind locations. Strong option to consider if you’re looking for a swift transition to performance sailing and want a hardy family-friendly board to hold onto.

Ideally paired with more powerful sails and conditions free of overly choppy water.

Naish describe the GT Sport as “Durable and versatile freeride boards for riders wanting quick planing, amazing speed and easy jibing”. The GT Sport has an EPS core and the GT is a more lightweight wood/carbon version.

Outline: Much more drawn-in than others on test. Pointed nose blends with wide point forward and traditional pintail. Noticeably forward fin position.
Deck: Kept nice and simple and flat in all standing areas. Only board on test with rear centre strap position for those tackling sailing in the straps.
Rail Profile: Very tucked rails – all the way to tail, quite boxy but thinned-out at rear.
Bottom Shape: Vee with no-to-little concave throughout, mainly up front.
Rocker Line: Slight (3 mm) tail kick

Underfoot: Feels compact and stable underfoot despite being the longest and narrowest on test with good balance for such a drawn-out shape.
Early Planing & Acceleration:

Regardless of the narrow tail and extra weight the tough construction gives, this model does plane surprisingly early, especially for lightweights. Acceleration is limited although this largely depends on sail type.
Top Speed: You won’t be winning any speed events soon but the slender rear allows for enjoyable speed with the best control at the upper end of the range. Points upwind well as you’d imagine with the length and thicker forward rails.
Gybing & Manoeuvres:  This board’s key strength is cornering and, although there’s not an ‘alive’ feel to it, the GT doesn’t disappoint and is an excellent and forgiving gybing shape that carries momentum superbly through turns.
Handling & Ride: On the plane you do feel the chop easily as the characteristic glide shifts to a duller, stiffer feel.

Fun sailing on tap in a hard-wearing package for anyone mastering planing and gybing skills. The forgiving GT focuses on doing the basics superbly and allows intermediates to do the same.

* Image below is the 2015 gt sport

gt-sport-130-2 Naish Gt Sport jay sails


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