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Naish Hover Windsurf and Thrust Foil 2019

122 or 142 litre Foil price is $1799 Board..$2,699.00

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Naish Hover Windsurf with Thrust foil

A combination of the Much talked about Naish Hover windsurf board and the Naish Thrust foil.

The Naish hover can be up on the foil in 8 knots with a 5m sail for an average weight sailor.

Board price is $2699

Thrust foil price is $1799


Developed with Robby Naish and our team of talented designers and engineers, Naish takes flight with the 2019 Windsurfing Foil Collection.

 Naish introduces a revolutionary foil, boards and a brand new sail fully dedicated to get you flying above the water-even in the faintest of winds. All products in the collection are designed to be easily accessible to all windsurfers, not just dedicated slalom or pro sailors. Turn light wind days into limitless freedom as each piece in the set works to get you up and foiling in a snap-even when no one else can.

This is windsurfing like you’ve never experienced it before. sizes 122 and 142 litres

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