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Fanatic Combo Foil

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 Fanatic Combo Foil

Coming soon so pre order now at Jay Sails for delivery in August September.

Fanatic Combo Foil will be adaptable for windsurfing and SUP with optional combinations of mast and foil.

The 2018  Combo foil is the new foil from Fanatic. It’s an easy accessible foil and the ideal tool to quickly improve your foiling skills. Due to its specific characteristics it delivers a huge range and an amazing riding stability.

Performance features :

  • High lift and resistance to stall
  • Little speed required to lift off and remain flying
  • Huge speed range.

Technical features :

  • Carbon compound wings and fuselage
  • 90 cm aluminium mast and plate
  • Made in germany
  • Including back wing wedge which exerts less force thus helping the beginner to control the lift of the foil.
  • Winglets to improve not only directional stability in a straight line but also the ability of the foil to track smoothly through a turn.
  • Optional 65cm mast for schools.
  • Complementary fully padded travel foil bag that enables to pad your assembled foil


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