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Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories

Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories

Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories

Did you know Jay Sails have a massive range of Stand Up Paddle Board accessories.

Stand Up Paddle Accessories at Jay Sails

Support Local Business in Lauderdale, Tasmania, and benefit from our extensive knowledge and friendly advice.

Not to mention the best prices!

We have it all and can post Paddle Board accessories anywhere in Tasmania for free or very low cost. Delivery to Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and other major centres is often overnight.

At Jay Sails offer a wide variety of Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories including:

More than 50 different brands and types of Stand up paddles, including Chinook, Naish, Fanatic, Jimmy Lewis, Trident and Surftech,  Bamboo, Carbon, Fibreglass, alloy, adjustable, fixed and three piece.

Paddle Board Bags correctly sized to fit your new board,  we have a large stock of SUP board bags, matching to fit your board Perfectly.

Rail tape is is highly recommended and is applied to nearly every paddle board we sell.  This protects your Stand up Board from rail damage that is often caused by paddle hits/strike. It can also  be purchased separately by the meter.  We have clear rail tape in stock as well as the Ion Range of rail tape.

Stand Up Paddle board leashes from well respected manufactures like Naish, Balin, Creatures of Leisure. Leashes are not Leashes!. Paddle board Leashes need to be thicker than your standard Surboard leg leash, also different lengths depending upon the size of your SUP. Generally coiled leashes are for flat water and straight leashes are used in the surf.


We also stock PFD,s, Sup Trollies, Gath Helmets wetsuits and booties.

We are Hobarts one stop Stand Up Paddle board shop-Everthing you need to get maximum enjoyment out of  Paddle Boarding in the picturesque and dynamic water ways of Tasmania


Looking to buy Stand Up Paddle Boards, Paddle board Accessories in Tasmania, Hobart contact jay sails now.


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