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Buying secondhand Windsurfing gear in Tasmania

That time of year were everyone is looking for some gear.
This post is for beginners or someone getting back in the sport after 20 years!

So many times i have had people come to me and say ” i just bought this to learn on”, or getting back into it..
Unfortunately very often it is a ‘sinker’ from the 90s of a big old skinny heavy ‘funboard’ from the 80s.
All totally inappropriate for learning—- or enjoying windsurfing in 2018.. This gear is obsolete and hinders learning to windsurf as well as disappointing to those getting back from 20-30 years ago.

So hopefully people searching the net for ” Windsurf gear in Tasmania” will find this post .
Buy from:
If buying secondhand then try Seabreeze classifieds- with advice from an expert (local shop or sailors before you make the purchase)
Buy OR ask advice from the local shop ( Here at Jay Sails)
Look and ask on Tassies two facebook pages being…
FB ‘ Tassie Windsurfing Buy, Sell & Chat’
FB ‘ Windsurfing Tasmania’
Best advice is ask a regular / local windsurfer in Tasmania if your purchase is correct OR Someone who windsurfs regularly now!
Not someone who used to windsurf 10 -20-30 years ago. BAD MISTAKE
and NOT THE SELLER ( unless they are one of above).
Windsurfing gear is expensive , but there is some good modern gear that can be found at reasonable prices.

Hope this is helpful.

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