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Windfoils Windsurfing its big!

Windfoils Windsurfing read on…

A run down from Jay sails on whats happening with Windfoils windsurfing  this season coming- so far…

The following is a quote from Starboard:
“The first time I saw, it was a revelation. A mind-blowing, magical, memorable moment on par with
those early planing days. Don’t we all remember the first time we got planing? Who would have
thought that there was another hidden level in windsurfing. We windsurfers savour those memories
and here we are, with an opportunity to relive those feelings once more.
Flying over the sea without a sound, zipping along silently close to thirty knots. What could be more
fun? The foil adventure begins”

My thoughts on this so far…

We have all seen the pictures and watched the videos, but is it all a bit confusing…what is the buzz about.
Some are saying this is the biggest thing to happen to windsurfing, it will reignite the sport.
Firstly you can plane in 8 10 knots with a 5.5. to 6m conventional sail. No longer do you need high tech 10m sails and heavy rigs to get you going in light winds. In fact a lot of Australia’s top slalom sailors have become addicted to Foiling. They are looking now for yellow arrows on Seabreeze not green!
You don’t need to be an expert to do it, out of all the foiling sports, windsurfing is the easiest and achievable for every level from intermediates up.

Windfoiling is not about speed, 20-30 knots is pretty much max on a windsurfer. Its the the buzz , the closest thing to flying sitting 1mete off the water cruising along in total silence , a totally smooth ride. Foiling is said to less strain and effort on the body as well.
A lot of guys and girls who predominantly have slalom/ formula gear with big sails will find an alternative or even a replacement for this with foils.
The wavesailor/ high wind windsurfer who is not interested in other pursuits for light wind ( kiting) will love the extra water time offered by a foil windsurf board and one of their 5.3 wave sails.
Here is a basic breakdown.
All of the major manufactures of Windfoils for windsurfing are going to bring either/or both foils and foils boards this season coming. Some are even bringing out specific sails. Foils are purchased separately and there are many choices from alloy to carbon ( $1100 to $1900). You can modify an existing board of around the 75cm width 120-140 litres, but the existing fin box system will need rebuilding to take the load. It will work and get you on the water, or you could purchase one of of the boards from below that are ready to go, footstrap positions correct, rocker line for lift, strengthened fin box etc.

I dont know what all of the brands are up too yet but:

Naish have gone down a very user friendly path, offering the choice of a windsurf foil board specific . The Hover. Also they have a ” Hover” convertible SUP/windsurf. Naish also make Foil sails, which are very conventional soft sails. Most 3 batten wave sails or any wavesail is suitable as well.

Naish claim to have made the most user frIendly package for the windsurfer, all ready to go. A package that will get everyone foiling as quickly and easily as possible.
These can be found on the video links below.

Starboard have a big foil program as well with a specific foil board, the Foil 147 along with a choice of 4 foils. The foils are designed for speed( ULTRA) right through to freeride ( GT).

Horue foils from France were the first to commercially make foils and also offer the complete windsurf foil package of boards and foils.

Fanatic most likely a foil will be available this season coming.

Jp Australia and Neil Pryde have released their version of a high tech board that is designed for top end use, the JP Hydrofoil and matching Neil Pryde Foil and sails. From reports these are aimed at top end high performance

Slingshot have been on the foil program for a while with kites, but now make a nice range (7 in fact )windsurf boards that can be matched up with their foils. They have a long history with windsurfing that goes way back before Sligshot became a kite company.
Slingshot already have their foil ( not board yet) listed on the Australian website .
Bic that have always been on the windsurf scene are offering a package as well, did i see an inflatable maybe?

There are more that i have not mentioned about windfoils for Windsurfing but this gives you an idea.
Seabreeze Windsurf general forum has a quite a following on the foil topics as well, worth a read.
Personally myself and another local sailor have ordered in the Naish Hover windsurf with the matching Naish Thrust windsurf Foil.
Slingshot look really nice as well.
All the Windfoils windsurfing gear mentioned and more can be purchased through Jay Sails this season coming.
Enjoy the ride!!!

https://vimeo.com/217072049 Naish Hover SUP/WINDSURF
https://vimeo.com/216261957 Naish Hover Windsurf




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