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freerace windsurf in Tasmania

Freerace Windsurf guide

 Freerace windsurf Guide FREE RACE "for DUMMIES". Paul Tenteye has put together this explanation of the Freerace windsurf concept for those who don't know exactly what it means. This season there are five rounds of Freerace on the Windsurfing Tasmania circuit. Scroll down for the BASIC EXPLANATION and the MORE TECHNICAL EXPLANATION. Thanks Paul FREERACE- THE BASIC EXPLANATION Freerace is an exciting new sailing event style, that fuses GPS racing with traditional course/slalom racing. It is an endurance-style event, with options for all [...]

naish thrust foil for windsurf- kitesurf -SUP AND Surf

Naish Thrust Foils -Wind-Surf-Kite-SUP

Naish Thrust Foils Looking for something new to do this summer in Tasmania- FOILING! The Naish Thrust foil set up allows you to have one foil for four sports. Naish have built an amazing and fully integrated foiling system - THRUST. With Thrust you can purchase a specific foil for one sport, then add the required elements to bring 2, 3 or 4 more sports onto the same base structure. Thrust Surf, Thrust WS (windsurf) and Thrust KS (kitesurfing). This system is much more cost [...]

Waistpouch inflatble PFD paddle safe Partner

Jay Sails Paddle Safe Partner

Paddle Safe Partner. Jay Sails attended a MAST event on Monday night, helping us inform you of correct safety rules regarding life jackets, leashes and general water safety on your Stand Up Paddle board, along with other regulations related to Kayaks and canoes .     What is a Paddle Safe Partner? A Paddle Safe Partner is a retail outlet, boat dealer, chandlery or anyone that sells paddling equipment, or is involved in the Tasmanian paddling industry, who has committed to meet certain [...]

Carlton beach windsurfing

Carlton beach windsurfing

Carlton beach Windsurfing . This week at carlton has had some great frontal winds.  Gusts up to 50 knots have been recorded. Wednesday was one of those days. Up to 20 windsurfers out at Carlton beach Windsurfing,  Big swell of over 4 foot and plenty of cross shore wind. Hope fully it is a sign of things to come for the Windsurfing season for 2015/16.

Carlton river for SUP JAY SAILS

Great sup at Carlton River mouth

Carlton river mouth, C,mon SPRING!!! Had a great SUP this morning at Carlton River mouth. I arrived at 8.30 and thought that was pretty crisp but Jez beat me to it with a 7 am start!!. Dave Smith Was also there and he said that Jez,s car had frost on it when he arrived. Conditions were pretty good  with tide just still going out. waves were chest high ( waiting a bit for the sets). So overall it was worth the trip,. I took a snap [...]

Cremorne Beach,Paddle Boarding on a popint swell at Cremorne

Stand Up Paddle at Cremorne Beach

Cremorne Beach Cremorne Beach offers some great fun times on the Paddle Board. This picture was taken 3 weeks ago with one of the Winter swells. Working best when there is a south/south west swell of 3 meters plus ( i.e when the " points" are working. The sandbar has many peaks that break left and right with plenty of room for many Riders. The outer point can also be SUPed but best when the surfing crowd is low. Beware of the rocks, so better [...]