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Jay Sails Paddle Safe Partner

Paddle Safe Partner.
Jay Sails attended a MAST event on Monday night, helping us inform you of correct safety rules regarding life jackets, leashes and general water safety on your Stand Up Paddle board, along with other regulations related to Kayaks and canoes .
What is a Paddle Safe Partner? A Paddle Safe Partner is a retail outlet, boat dealer, chandlery or anyone that sells paddling equipment, or is involved in the Tasmanian paddling industry, who has committed to meet certain the criteria i.e displaying safety brochures/tags, selling appropriate life jackets, leashes and educating customers.
Hopefully this helps increase the safety and enjoyment on the water. It is important a proactive approach is taken by all participants associated with this increasingly popular pastime to ensure those new to paddling, as well as experienced paddlers, are given the best possible advice and guidance. This advice and guidance would include topics such as suitability of craft for the needs of the client’s expectations, knowing the required safety equipment for that craft and what equipment is required in certain operational areas as well as having knowledge of MAST legislation in relation to paddle craft. Almost one in three (30%) of Victorian boating related fatalities over the last five years has been from paddle craft. It is important that strategies are put in place locally to ensure that these statistics are not repeated in Tasmania. The Paddle Safe Partner project is part of a staged strategy to improve paddle safety in Tasmania. Legislation covering mandatory safety equipment for paddle craft was amended in January 2014 as the first stage of Paddle Safe and Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) and Surf Life Saving Tasmania (SLST) launched their practical Paddle Safe program as the second stage in December 2014. This program continues in 2016.

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