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jay sails xmas 2017

Jay Sails Xmas 2017

Jay Sails xmas 2017.

We have some great gear to fill the stocking for Christmas this year.


With stand up paddle we are fully stocked with plenty of boards, beginner and advanced models. Priced starting at $995

Woodgrain, inflatable (ISUP) and brands like Adventure, Smik, Naish, Fanatic, JP Australia, Starboard and more.

Plenty of paddles in stock as well,  starting at $120 for alloy or high performance Naish for $449.

The new Naish Performance for $239 has been very popular as well.


Fully stocked with windsurfing gear,  spare parts and complete learner packages.

Kite harnesses and accessories in stock as well.

Come and grab a present at Jay Sails for xmas 2017

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