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naish hover at jay sails

Naish Hover Windsurf and crossover model

Naish Hover It really is a big buzz and the Naish Hover models are the most talked about, WINDFOILS AND SUP FOILS. I think everyone is looking for a easy foil kit that will get them going in light winds of less than 10 knots. Naish have done this with the Hover. Making two models the windsurf specific model and the Hover crossover that is a SUP, Windsurf crossover. Jay sails has ordered in models of each but be quick as we [...]

Windfoils Windsurfing its big!

Windfoils Windsurfing read on... https://youtu.be/pFJ4eBpMs9o A run down from Jay sails on whats happening with Windfoils windsurfing  this season coming- so far... The following is a quote from Starboard: "The first time I saw, it was a revelation. A mind-blowing, magical, memorable moment on par with those early planing days. Don't we all remember the first time we got planing? Who would have thought that there was another hidden level in windsurfing. We windsurfers savour those memories and here we are, with an opportunity to relive [...]

Fanatic Freewave Stubby at Jay sails

Fanatic Freewave Stubby review 2017 85 litre

 Fanatic Freewave Stubby test I am lucky enough to have a 85 a Fanatic Freewave Stubby TE in 85 litres. At 74 kgs it is my bigger board for this season. Purchased for mainly onshore sailing and bump and jump. Yes it is easily as quick to plane for me as any 90 lite board i have owned . I was worried that the 85 might of slowed me down / not got up and planed as quick as my usual 90-95 [...]

Fanatic Tri wave test Jay Sails

Fanatic Tri Wave 89 Review

Fanatic Tri Wave 89 I Purchased the 2016 model Fanatic Tri Wave 89  for my bump and jump / onshore wave board for this season.  Day One. Been blessed with some strong North Westerly Winds over the last few days so gave it a good run. Flat water the first day with a 4.7 sail, I removed the three fin set-up and pout in a single 23cm slightly freestyle fin in.  The board planned up quickly and was Fast!!,  it easily kept up [...]