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Fanatic Tri wave test Jay Sails

Fanatic Tri Wave 89 Review

Fanatic Tri Wave 89

I Purchased the 2016 model Fanatic Tri Wave 89  for my bump and jump / onshore wave board for this season.

 Day One.

Been blessed with some strong North Westerly Winds over the last few days so gave it a good run.

Flat water the first day with a 4.7 sail, I removed the three fin set-up and pout in a single 23cm slightly freestyle fin in.  The board planned up quickly and was Fast!!,  it easily kept up with my mate on his 88 kode freestyle wave.

It popped well for a jump and with the single fin it was still capable of some simple freestyle moves like vulcans etc.

Turning nice and tight with Gybes.

  The second day

……was in the surf with head high waves and gusty 5m weather. Cross shore

The Fanatic Tri Wave was set up with its 18cm centre fin and 11 side fins.  It Planed up well, perhaps not quite as quick as with its single but that is expected.  On the wave it turned very nicely with just a little bit of back foot pressure to initiate the turn. It was loose with its stock fins but i think it could be even better with some smaller fin sets!

It was gusty and not quite perfect for jumping, but when you did hit a ramp with speed the Fanatic Tri wave really liked the air, Jumping high and  felt really balanced.

overall really impressed.

Cant wait to test the 2016 Fanatic Stubby, 81 tri and 82 quad.

View the tri wave for sale here

Fanatic Tri wave in windsurf boards at Jay Sails


Fanatic Tri wave at jay sails tri-wave-2




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