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Fanatic Freewave Stubby at Jay sails

Fanatic Freewave Stubby review 2017 85 litre

 Fanatic Freewave Stubby test

I am lucky enough to have a 85 a Fanatic Freewave Stubby TE in 85 litres.

At 74 kgs it is my bigger board for this season. Purchased for mainly onshore sailing and bump and jump.

Yes it is easily as quick to plane for me as any 90 lite board i have owned . I was worried that the 85 might of slowed me down / not got up and planed as quick as my usual 90-95 but no worries there. The biggest sail i own is 5.3. First few goes were in winter at our local spot of flat water and i was more than impressed with its get up and go , upwind ability and pop for jumps. The wider nose was a bonus with some tricks like vulcans and grubbies. Last week i tried it in mushy down the line surf in usual gusty conditions that would of preferred the 90-95 litres. No worries at all with planing up as quick as a bigger board. I had tried a 2014 tobou pocket 93 the week before and this was the same if not quicker to get going. Jumps i could not really comment as it was gusty, but if you go by flat water jumping it will be great.- loops, well they all talk about swing weight etc– probably the same if you ask me. The nice pop you get off small waves is definitely a bonus. Surfing .. I also have a Jp thruster quad 83, i would say that is definately a tighter, looser turn than the fanatic, but it is a more pure wave board after all . The great thing about the Fanatic Freewave Stubby is the speed you can keep in your turn and the nice cutback/throw you get of the the top turn.. I imagine there is quite a bit of trimming that can be obtained with foot strap position and mast track, giving better surf performance. I am sure to use this board in more of these lighter side shore conditions. Dont compare these boards to the surf models as the stubby surf 88 and 77, different boards for different conditions.

Fanatic Freewave Stubby in the Surf

The bottom turn to me is pretty much the same as a traditional shape fsw. The top turn is a lot snappier. I find the wider nose kind of throws you round on the top turn. I just like the speed you get, easily planing as quick as a standard 90, getting out through the surf in lighter winds. I weigh 73. I have only used it in mushy head high surf. If it gets windier I would jump on my thruster quad 83 as that has a very fine tail and really is looser. Plan on purchasing a 78 stubby wave shape, so I am convinced!!


Fanatic Fsw stubby, Nice boards!!!

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